Friday, April 4, 2008


On the left of this picture, my friends, is the disgusting image of a man disguised under the ecclesiastical habit of a catholic priest. His name is Michael Pfleger, shown in this picture along with his spiritual (political) ally, Reverend Louis Farrakahn. Pfleger, dares call himself “Father”, while preaching a gospel that’s probably precisely the opposite of everything and anything that the Catholic Church and all churches, regardless of their denomination, for that matter, stand for. As a matter of fact, his pulpit manners clone those of Wright and Farrakahn. (See video link below).

Mr. Pfleger, made headline news this week, in a political sermon from the pulpit of his St. Sabina Church in Chicago while claiming to support Reverends Wright and Farrakahn, condoning these two for their militant anti-semitism, anti-americanism, and racist gospels, damming all who were critical of the two Reverends.

Mr. Pfleger is a disgrace to the Catholic Church, to all Catholics, to all Americans, and to all churches of this nation. Problem is we don’t do anything about it. I am inviting all Catholics throughout to write, or fax to your Archdioceses and their leaders to protest against this man and what he stands for. Mr. Pfleger is undeserving of the church he represents. We urge all of our Archbishops around the nation to take action and excommunicate this man, disbar him from his false priesthood and let him move on to other political stages, where he can continue to preach his gospel of hate for his fellow-man. You may write or fax your comments as they will not open unsolicited emails, to the following addresses:

Archdiocese of Miami:
Archbishop John C. Favarola
9401 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami Shores, Florida 33138
Telf. (305)-757-6241
Fax: (305)-754-1797

Archdiocese of Chicago:
His Eminence Francis Cardinal Jorge Omi
P.O. Box 1979
Chicago, Illinois, 60690-1979

Papal Basilica of St. Peter-Vatican
General Information Fax: 39-06-698-85518

If you want to link to Fox News and watch video on Father Pfleger, highlight the sentence below, right click on your mouse and select “Open Hyperlink”. Once on the sight, right click on “Catholic Controversy”. Make sure you are on an empty stomach when you do it.

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