Saturday, March 29, 2008

Want to Talk About Lying?

During the past few weeks, the American public has had to endure the false claims, distortions, and flat out lies from both Democratic candidates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton. As if this wasn’t enough, we’ve also had to listen to Democratic Strategists’ continued defenses by trying to brainwash the nation into believing that there were not lies, but mere blunders of sort. The excuses have taken a life of their own as we are all expected to accept the “lying” and believe its swift transformation into political embellishment, exaggerations, misspoken words, even denials. All in all, we can only conclude that the candidates as well as their surrogates must think of the American public as a nation of fools – we believe everything our candidates tell us and, somehow, we will never learn the truth.
To both of you, Senator Obama, Senator Clinton and to your loyal herd of excusers, sorry, not quite. You are not really going to get away with it. Not this time. To prove our point, we have compiled a list of your most blatant and infamous lies and we are committed to sharing it with all our fellow-Americans and let each and everyone decide for themselves. Senators, our nation is not as naïve as you may think. We urge you to stop your lies and give more credit to the American people.

Senator Hillary Clinton’s Lies

1.- In an airport, she happened to run into Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest. She tells the man that her mother named her Hillary after him. Only problem – Mr. Hillary didn’t make news climbing anything until 5 years after Senator Clinton was born.

2.- In another story, from her book Living History, Senator Clinton talks about how in her high-school years she was on a soccer team and had a race-related incident with a black student, as she tried making a point about her intimate knowledge of racism. Too bad as there were no soccer teams at her high school in the 1960’s, when this incident was supposed to have taken place.

3.- There is also the well known lie where Hillary claimed that her daughter Chelsea was in danger on the September 11 attack, claiming that her daughter had gone jogging down in the towers when the planes hit as she [Hillary] saw the buildings right there and was nearly in peril. Too bad again, since Chelsea totally disclaimed her mother’s story in a magazine article, where she admits to being on the opposite side of the city and was woken up with a phone call telling her to watch the news.

4.- In a recent campaign speech, Senator Hillary Clinton claimed to have been endangered by sniper fire while landing in Bosnia back in March 1996 on a goodwill trip to the Balkans. Senator Clinton said: “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport…but instead, we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”
Too bad, a CBS video of the Senator’s visit to Bosnia was made public later in the week. In the video, rather than dodging the hostile sniper attack, Mrs. Clinton and daughter Chelsea are shown being greeted by an eight year old child and Bosnia’s acting President. Jokes were made by U.S. soldiers that the only shots the Senator could have heard were those from the practice range. Comedian “Simbad” who was also present with Senator Clinton during the Bosnia visit, declared that he was not aware of any sniper fire as claimed by the Senator.

Senator Barack Obama’s Lies

1.- One of Obama’s most used themes in his political escalation, is about his work in the re-construction of a despaired building conglomerate in Chicago, back in the 1980’s, better known as Altgeld Gardens, which provided housing for black Veterans of World War II. Senator Obama, takes self-credit for being a community organizer responsible for the re-construction of this building. Residents of Altgeld Gardens remain upset at Obama’s characterization. Hazel Johnson, who has lived at Altgeld Gardens since 1962 says: “I like him, he is a nice, young and intelligent man, but some of the things he said are not true”, said Johnson. To this date the buildings remain dilapidated, boarded up with fences surrounding much of the property. Other residents say: “he just didn’t do the work he says he did”.

2.- In a trip to Selma, Alabama in February 2006, in an attempt to gain popularity among an all black audience honoring heroes of the civil rights era, Obama defames his grandfather Onyango Obama. Barack told Selmans that grandfather Onyango was a “boy” to the British. Fact is that Onyango was well educated and wealthy and had a great relationship with the British – living a British life and adopting British ways. Admitting to these facts would have been devastating to Obama’s fabrication about a family past designed to relate and gain political popularity in the audience.

3.- In an effort to gain the sympathy and relate to the suffering of the Selma’s civil right audience in exchange for his personal grandeur, Obama fabricates another story about the Kennedy’s proposing an air lift and saying: “This young man Barack Obama [Barack Obama, Sr.], got one of those tickets”. Fact is Barrack Obama Sr., arrived in Hawaii two years before Kennedy even ran for the presidency. There was no Kennedy air lift and no “ticket” bringing his father to America.

4.- Obama tells the story as to how his parents met in the Selma riots in 1965. He says: “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma,…so [my parents] got together and I was born.” Fact is Obama was born in 1961. The Selma riots took place in 1965. By the time of the Selma riot, Barack, Sr., had abandoned Obama’s mother and moved back to Kenya.

5.- Fast forwarding to more recent episodes of the compulsive lying behavior, upon realizing the political devastation that could be brought upon his candidacy by the inflammatory remarks against the U.S., and whites made by his spiritual mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama claims not have knowledge of the preacher’s radical views, in spite of the fact that he had been attending Wright’s congregation for the past twenty years.

Bottom line America, these are two phonies, with a congenital lying disorder. We have to, however, cut some slack to Senator Clinton and be more forgiving as, after all, remember who she married. The man who, while holding the office of President, tells our nation: “I have never had sex with that woman”, and I smoked Marihuana but…”I did not inhale”. Lying, in the Clinton household, seems to be an accepted pattern of behavior. So, as far as Senator Clinton is concerned, let’s just say, she just couldn’t help it.

Obama on the other hand, seems to be a troubled young man, with no one to blame but maybe his mother and father, both of whom chose to abandon him. Whatever the case may be, America we have two dysfunctional candidates running for the highest office in the land. Their dysfunctional behavior, we might add, would be fine, were it not for the fact that if, any of these two, are given the power they are seeking, it could only spell disaster for our nation’s future.

There is still time, America to call the Democratic candidates’ bluff. Let’s just send them back to the Senate, not that this is where they belong either, but not the Presidency. Regardless and meantime, we suggest these two seek psychiatric help for their obvious personal disorders. They and the nation would be better off. Whomever that psychiatrist may be, he or she, must be cautioned, however, to be aware these two are arrogantly manipulative and persuasive – we do hope science can read through them though. We did.

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