Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to give up in trying to fight the Democrat’s battle. As far as I am concerned, the word “Democrat” and the “Democratic Party”, have taken on a whole new life of their own, as of the 1970’s. I recently saw an HBO mini-series called “John Adams”, and it was sad to see what the true Democratic Party was all about compared to today. Talk about true American values. This mini-series should be required viewing in all schools of our nation.

Today’s democrats have re-invented themselves under banners such as “liberal” and “left-wingers”. I personally fail to see the difference between these two terms as compared to socialism and communism. As used in the context of modern politics, liberal left-wingers are nothing short of the political prototypes so advocated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto, written in 1848.

Notice how In the last twenty years or so, the platforms of the Democratic Party and their liberal left-wing leaders, have degenerated to where just about all the issues and slogans are viciously aimed at undermining capitalism. Notice how, to them, having made it in America is nothing short of being evil. A sin for which you must be punished with taxation. There is a hateful and sinister resentment among liberal democrats against those who “made it” – a dramatic change in the incentives, wouldn’t you say? In other words, if you made it, you are going to pay for it. Ironically, many of these liberal democrats are themselves rather wealthy, yet I don’t see many of them preaching what they pray as shown in their unwillingness to re-distribute their wealth among the less fortunate. I only see them donating money, exclusively as means of sheltering taxation to defend and protect their wealth.

At the rate we going, the time will come, not too long from now I may add, when liberal Democrats, will probably want the abolition of private property and instigation of a “working class proletariat” up-rise, as mainstream issues in their platforms. I listen to the liberal [democratic] media, and with every sound-byte, I hear the drum beat of a class struggle in America. Racism is alive and well in America, and I am not really referring to the historical white vs. black racism, but the other way around, it is now black and white racism alike, against the wealthy and capitalist America. It is the drum beat of Marx’s proposed struggles between the classes - the “haves” and “have nots”. I am really, really sick of liberal democrats’ boring chants about their anti-war protest. We may remind all of them, that it has been precisely through wars, starting back with the American Revolution to the Iraq war, that this nation has been able to uphold its peace. Need only to refresh their memories of 9/11 and ask them [liberal democrats], who is really waging the wars and what would happen if we the US, had not fought them. Ask any Jewish survivor of the Nazi’s death camps, what would have happened to them without a war. Ask Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and Hamas, what would happen if our country would cease to defend itself against their commitment to destroy our nation. It is really sick to listen to this people.

Unfortunately, I am sad to say, we have to admit that we, right-wing conservatives are a dying breed. Like I said at the beginning, I am reaching that point where, I am just about ready to give it all up and let all the liberal democrats in America have a taste of their own medicine. You and I and people like us, who are still trying to fight their battle, continue to be chastised for doing it. The time has come, perhaps, when we just should not waste our time anymore in trying to reason with them. I really believe our energy could be put to worthier endeavors.

I am convinced millions of liberal democrats do not think of themselves as communists. Indeed, I am sure many think of themselves as idealists and politically prolific as they have not yet been able to see through their Democratic Party’s twisted ideals. We can’t blame them. Communism, socialism, leftist-liberalism, is everywhere in America. It is in all college campuses of the nation, most T.V. stations and virtually every leading newspaper. To the young men and women of America today, being liberal is even become fashionable. It’s Chic. It’s become a lifestyle. To the old, the less adept, the failed, their Party’s slogans are preying on their hopes for government to take care of their problems – a preferred tactic of communism - which they [liberals] proudly call “government regulation”.

We can ask ourselves the question: should we continue fighting their battle anymore? Isn’t it about time we just throw in the towel and let them suffer, once and for all, the consequences? I can’t help but recall that Carl Marx professing the Western World [USA], as the ideal state for trying his model of Communism, while contending that the later could only be achieved through capitalism, thus concluding that the US would be the ideal place to roll the model.

For many liberal Americans, our cries to defend this country and capitalism carry a dose of are aberrational disorder. Considering the persistent controversial consequences that arise out of merely trying to preserve our founding father’s values, we ask: should we continue fighting this, their battle anymore?

I am almost to the point that I am willing to vote for Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the worst. I am ready to propose a Democratic ticket with Bill Ayers as Vice-President. In the foreign policy arena, I would nominate Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton as our ambassadors to the Middle East. I would move Hollywood to the Gaza strip for top virtual reality action movies. I would propose complete nuclear disarmament program by all nations of the world, except for Korea, Syria and Afghanistan and would introduce legislation to Congress to subsidize and aid these countries in a nuclear expansion program. I would propose for the OPEC nations and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez to continue in their quest to raise the world’s crude-oil prices until such a time that most people in the world are walking or ridding bicycles. I would disenfranchise NATO, and immediately bring back all American troops, starting obviously with our men in Iraq. I would let Osama Bin Laden, assisted by the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul create a new army to maintain peace in the world. I would oust the Pope and proclaim Islamic Muslim, the world’s universal faith. I would urge Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Chile, Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, the People’s Republic of Korea, Poland, Romania and Vietnam to re-emerge vindicated of their Communist failures – fear the US no more, as we will be one of them. I would discuss with Nelson Mandela the possibility of giving the entire country of Africa back to all African-Americans – after all, the pseudonym was adopted a few years back in anticipation of this happening. I would let every prisoner of war free and convert Guantanamo Bay into a beach resort for transient Arabs. I would urge every scientist in the world to unite with Al Gore in global cooling program. About conservation, need not worry anymore, as we will not have cars, little industry, so…no emissions. I would do away with the army and the air force as there will be no more wars. However, I would keep the Navy and the marines, with a new assignment to pursue of Mel Fisher’s dream of finding sunken treasures. I would give Israel back to the Palestinians and relocate Jews into vacated African American communities after the exodus to Africa.

As far as domestic policies are concerned, I am ready to propose Jeremiah Wright for Chief Justice in the Supreme Court and would immediately abolish the pledge of allegiance to the flag for a “God Dam America” pledge. I am ready to have the New York Times as our only newspaper in the nation and MSNBC and NBC as the only TV stations in the US. I am ready for letting government control every aspect of our lives. I am ready to wipe out capitalism, entrepreneurship and bring complete and total equality for all. I am ready for a complete and total ban on the freedom of speech and religion. I am ready for a complete eradication of all conservatives and republicans of our nation, and the start of a witch-hunt, followed by a burning at the stakes of all T.V. and radio conservative anchors such as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. I would start the bonfire with President Bush and keep the fire alive by throwing in any registered republicans or admitted conservatives. I am ready for a reformed Education Program, designed specifically to re-program children in America into becoming true liberals, including a rebellion against parents who may disavow government control. I am also ready for a reformed Health-Care Program. Free health-care for everyone. No insurance - a system whereby a new breed of economically un-motivated doctors, would be ready to treat you accordingly and a renewed Hippocratic Oath predicated exclusively on public charity. I am ready for a complete abolition of the IRS and taxation; after all, the rich will be there no longer. I propose for a one-party system – the liberal party obviously. The party would have only one leader and closely held elections supervised by Jimmy Carter.

My dear fellow-conservatives, this article thrives on satire as a preferred means of making our point, if yet in a refreshing mode as a desperate alternative to reasoning about the impending threats facing our nation today. I hasten to tell you that, historically, we have seen thriving empires fallen to less powerful predators in the past. There are clear and present dangers when one of your candidates for the Presidency is bound to be the most leftist senator in Congress. There are clear and present dangers when your candidates for the Presidency outright lie to the American public. There are real and present dangers, when one of your candidates for the Presidency of the US, reveres a man who dams America, whites and the rich. There is real and present danger when one of your candidates for the Presidency of the US, commingles with an admitted terrorist, who once bombed mayor US institutions and, to this day, regrets not having bombed more.

I don’t know about you, but I am that stage where I can no longer care if the issues on this satire become reality. For many of us, utopia will be to say: “I told you so…” their eternal damnation will, more than not, have justified our cause and our wasted efforts. I am just about ready to accept this Armageddon, so long as they continue to ignore and ridicule our pleas. I am just about ready to quit fighting their battle any longer. Should you continue fighting their battle any longer?

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