Friday, June 27, 2014


Think  I am kidding, uh?  How would you like it if you were to wake-up tomorrow and, by the grace of God, the country had totally abolished the IRS and from here on out, you were spared the rigors of paying any more taxes ever again?  This would be, for most of us I assume, cause for massive celebration - an unimaginably joyous and magnanimous occasion probably inducing the largest party in the history of the nation, the world maybe, bar none, would it not?


            Well, the moment we have all been fretfully waiting for might be closer to reality than we ever thought possible, especially in light of the events now unraveling in the ongoing IRS scandal; events, quietly paving the way for the notion of not paying taxes ever again, taking a life of its own.  At the heart of it all, it's no other than our nefarious IRS admittedly targeting selected political groups who had applied for tax exempt status based on intensive scrutiny of names and/or political affiliations.  Also at center stage of the soap-opera is IRS officer and self-appointed femme-fatale  Ms. Lois Lerner. In January 2006, Ms. Lerner had been appointed as Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS.  In her newly appointed post, Lerner was responsible for a broad range of compliance activities, including the processing of applications for tax exemptions. 


            Pursuant to the protests of groups targeted by IRS and after the start of some grim investigations by various government groups, in May 2013, before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Lerner admits to the IRS's complicity in the breaching of the law covered under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(4), exempting certain types of non-profit organizations from having to pay federal income tax by admitting to selectively rejecting applications based exclusively on their political affiliations.  Lerner's admission of guilt was only followed by her refusal to testify on the committee's probe of her role in the scandal invoking her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, causing committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), to dismiss the hearing amidst a labyrinth of controversies centered around Lerner's potential waiving of her rights to the Fifth, by virtue of having made an opening statement.     


              Later on, in 2014, the former Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations  is held in Contempt of Congress for her role in the 2013 IRS controversy and her refusal to testify.  To add insult to injury, on June 13th, 2014, just like that, the IRS informs members of Congress that Lerner’s hard-drive had crashed and that years worth of her e-mails were permanently missing, prompting a series of congressional hearings about the issue.  IRS claimed that Lerner's hard drive containing emails relevant to its audits of numerous conservative groups had been destroyed, thus impeding the recovery of any highly sensitive  and potentially incriminating material whatsoever.  In essence, IRS claimed that Ms. Lerner herself had lost the files as the emails were on her own PC.  Needless to say, the mysterious if yet preposterously convenient disappearance of the most relevant evidence in the case, did, justifiably so, stir all sorts of mistrustful presumptions on the part of congressmen from both sides of the aisle. 

            Notwithstanding the abundance of evidence all pointing to one of the most disgraceful and shameful cover-ups chapters in the history of this great nation,  I personally felt rather insulted by the display of arrogance exemplified by IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, while in his two appearances in front of the Committee on Ways and Means held on Friday, June 20th, followed by his appearance in front of the House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman Darrel Issa, held on the evening of Monday June 23rd.  Mr. Koskinen, came through as one of the most repulsive characters in this "made-for-Hollywood" drama - a despicable, supercilious and condescendingly disdainful individual, who thought he could play mind-games with the inquirers of Congress' probing panel, were it not for one of the most courageous displays of leadership and integrity I have ever witness in my life time by Rep. John L. Mica from Florida, Rep. John J. Duncan from Tennessee, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Rep. Tray Gowdy from South Carolina, all of whom, together with Chairman Issa,  who gracefully managed to grill  and discredit Mr. Koskinen as the later continued to show his contemptuous disrespect for the congressmen.

            Matter of fact, everyone of us should pay tribute to this panel of great congressmen for showing the world, there is good reason, after all, to be proud of being an American. For those of you, privileged enough to have watched these hearings as I did, the congressmen's interactions with the IRS Commissioner were, to say the least, a true display of patriotic hope.  My everlasting gratitude to all of them for serving as an inspiration at just about that time when all hopes for a cleansing of the Republic were quickly dwindling away.

            Just in case you missed it, Mr. Koskinen's demeanor all throughout the hearings, was, in essence, archetypal of what the Obama's administration and all its cronies are all about - a contemptible band of liars and impostors used to arrogantly presume, they can get away with just about anything in their whims, as, so far, they have, and probably will again if judged by all the preceding scandals, i.e., Fast and Furious, the Benghazi massacre, the Veterans Administration scandal, etc.  Strictly from a legal vantage point, in just about any other administration in the nation's history, a criminal admission of guilt by one of  most powerful agencies in government would have had sufficient probable cause for naming a Special Prosecutor to investigate the matter further, that is, were it not for the fact that such a decision rests entirely in the hands of Attorney General Eric Holder - himself one of Obama's leading partners-in-crime, thus the insurmountable odds that this investigation will go nowhere, as, once again, American's rights are disgracefully desecrated.

            The more the investigating committee probed into the events surrounding the scandal throughout the hearings, the more filth we found. We learned of multiple issues, each of which were, at worst, legally questionable actions undertaken by IRS, and at  best, outright breaches of the law; including some premature leaks of information involving the White House, all along as our esteemed President erratically chose to defend the government agency by publicly claiming there was: "not even a smidgen of corruption". 

            In lieu of everything that has transpired, inevitably, all Americans should ask themselves some fundamentally basic questions, such as: should Americans continue paying taxes to the IRS? Should Americans continue trusting to place their hard-earned dollars in a corrupted government agency?  Ever stopped to think what would happen if it was to be the other way around?  What if we, in our next IRS audit, were to tell the IRS's auditors that we simply had lost the hard-drive of our PC, containing all relevant information regarding our audit; that, [the] information they [IRS] were looking for had been irretrievably lost. 

            The answer to these and many other questions regarding American's future, transcends, if you will, the IRS and VA scandals, Benghazi, Obamacare and all others appurtenant to this administration. It will take more than just the revamping of these organizations and/or issues; it will take, specifically, the complete eradication, the complete abolition of Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of liberal misfits; it will take the demolition of the Socialist / Communist model now being implanted in the hearts and minds of many Americans; it will take the involvement of every single American of voting age, into the current affairs of the nation; it will take our doing everything we can to prevent Hillary Clinton from being the next U.S. president in 2016, as if she is, we will merely be voting ourselves for more of  the same, albeit our collective understanding that we do not have any more room for mistakes as that of electing another impostor to the highest post in the land.

            Not ever in the great history of our nation, has capitalism and free-enterprise been so close as being doomed to fail, as it has under the aegis of this cultured charlatan by the name of Barack Obama; the aegis of a disciple of Saul Alinsky - one of the U.S.'s leading hate-filled detractors of Satanic provenance.  The perils to our great nation have been looming in the air since November 2008; looming in an aura of deceit, deception and corruption, such as that of the IRS scandal. 

            To close, once again, I dedicate this dissertation today to Rep. John L. Mica from Florida, Rep. John J. Duncan from Tennessee, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Rep. Tray Gowdy from South Carolina, and very especially to Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), for their incredible display of bravery and patriotism as they confronted Commissioner Koskinen -  one of Obama's most relentless and arrogant puppets, ever.  Your conduct and leadership congressmen on behalf of a silent universe of mainstream Americans incensed with all the ongoing scandals, is cause for celebration; is cause for praise and, most of all, it will serve as an  inspiration in the restoration of our nation to its former glory.  May God bless you all and may God save America.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My Dear Friends:

As you may have noticed, I have stayed completely away from my political write-ups and dissertations about Barack Obama and his presidential campaign, for which I am certain many of you are grateful. Throughout my silence, I continued receiving hundreds of e-mails from my die-hard conservative friends. I couldn’t help but to realize that most all of them, if not all, had just about one thing in common: each and every e-mail seemed to repeat itself with an emotional message of awareness in the potential dangers that lie ahead, should this man Barack Obama become the next President of the United States – a highly probable event if judged by the latest polls.

In the e-mails, I have read just about everything about this man and his character - from his overt Marxist agenda to his dubious associations and lies, and everything in between, I have read it all, and so have you probably. I became a part of it all, as I, like the rest of you, could not resist the urge to share with the rest of world the ”warning messages” on the impending threats that this man poses to the United States and to the world.
Our e-mails were, regretfully, circumscribed to just but a few in our mailing lists but the urge was such, that spreading the word amongst even that few was equally accommodating for the exorcism. Our intent, regardless of the size of our audience, was noble and a sacred obligation for those of us who still behold democracy and capitalism as the only way of life. I praise those of you that have still not given up. I did, thus the silence. Before you pass judgment, however, or burn me at the stake for my withdrawal witchcraft, just listen me out, as I have to assume that, in the end, I may just persuade you to sanctify me, once you hear what I have to say.

As my first act of constriction, I ask you: Would it not be reasonable to assume that after one year of intense educational propaganda the nation and the American people would be completely and totally aware of who is Barack Obama? Over and over again, some more, some less, the entire nation has, by now, been exposed to the man, to his obscure relationships with the Jeremiah Wrights, the Bill Ayers, the Reskos, A.C.O.R.N.; to his wife’s professed unwillingness in feeling proud of America; to his willingness for unconditional meetings with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Castro brothers; to his Muslim upbringing and his admitted Marxist preferences in his college years; to his unwillingness to fund and support our troops in Iraq; to whom he really is and what he really stands for. Yet, let’s face it. The man is still ahead in the polls, and were the elections held today, he’d be almost assured to be elected the next President of the United States. Ask yourself the question: Why? Why do a majority of the American people seemingly want to overlook and neglect the threats?

My dear friends lets not kid each other anymore. Let’s deal with reality as sad as this may be. Americans know exactly who Barack Obama is and a majority of Americans want Barack Obama to be their next President. As simple as that. To most of us, conservative pundits, our commitment to principle would have us searching for answers that would make some sense of what seems incomprehensible.

In our search for answers, some of us will choose to never trust the polls, some may fall prey to the whimsical woes of the Bush administration and the recent economic debacle, some to our foreign oil dependency and raising gas prices, and some to race. Beyond whatever personal satisfaction and justification we may find for a seemingly irrational desire to elect this man as President, therein lies a greater truth – a truth much greater than the issues; a truth much greater than a man and his associations; a truth much greater than all our e-mails and messages; a disguised truth that disposes our messages our e-mails and the political issues as inconsequential aberrations; a truth where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The real truth, dear friends is that the United States of America is about to become a Communist nation. Yes, you heard me right: a communist nation.

The real truth, dear friends, is that a great majority of Americans want communism, even though, their wishes may border the sublime. Case it has not yet become self-evident, Americans are on the verge of electing the first communist to the Presidency of this country. Thought it would never happen, not in the U.S. didn’t you? So did I and so did many millions who never thought to live and see the day when a man like Barack Obama would run for the highest office in the world, let alone win the election. Yet, the fact remains, however, that it is happening and it is real.

Case you doubt me, just take a look around you, Obama is not alone. Don’t let yourself be fooled with such a romantic thought of poetic individualism. The United States is plagued with communists. Hear me well, I said communists, not liberals, communists. It is everywhere we turn. It is in the media. It is Hollywood. It is in the nation’s most prestigious schools of higher education. It is in the youth of the nation. It is in a presumed Civil Right movement for equality of the races. It is in the government and in the courts of the country. It is in the failed and the envious. It is well organized, powerful and long-time in the makings. With each new day, communism rears its ugly head just about everywhere we look around.

For years now, they, the communists have managed to masquerade and camouflage a covert agenda with a disguising lexicon that took a life of its own – a lexicon where the words “liberal”, and “to the left” have been swiftly introduced to the American public as their preferred spinning substitutes for communism. I say to them, enough is enough. I am utterly repulsed with the pontification of these terms and their cover-up. I am sick and tired on the way “Marxism” is stealthily introduced into the glossary of deceitfulness. I refuse to give into the spin and the disguise anymore. I refuse to continue standing by and not calling a spade a spade. I refuse to continue letting white guilt-ridden Americans, continue paying the current price for a history of racism - a price that today allows Black born Americans to disenfranchise themselves from their homeland and brand themselves as part of another nation. The “African-American” label is fully burdened with hate and a quiet reluctance of heritage. Simply put, a subversive hate of Whites in the U.S., as professed by Obama’s own mentor Jeremiah Wright. All the while, as we the country and White America praise the latter’s favorite son: Barack Obama.

Communism, we all know it, thrives on racism and class warfare. Ironically, it took a commoner in the person of “Joe the Plumber”, for Barack Obama to publicly admit to his “redistribution of wealth” platform agenda. Again, the latest edition to the deception glossary. It is, without a doubt, communism at its best. As I listen to Obama’s rhetorical campaign speeches, I can help but think on how this twenty first century communist has been able to accommodate the times, while he swiftly substitutes, Karl Marx’s proletariat and bourgeoisie for “Middle Class Blue Collar America” and “The Oil Companies”.

Let’s face it friends, the United States of America, is without a doubt, on the verge of becoming a communist nation. At the expense of being demonized by my opponents as a delusional extremist, I’ve even thought of the possibility of a great conspiracy behind the man Barack Obama. My fear, as far out radical as it may appear, it’s not, mind you, without merits, worthy, at worst, of plausible consideration. Think of our world today. Think of the world’s overt hatred for the United States, capitalism and all it stands for. Think of 9-11. Think of radical Muslims and terrorism. We live in a chaotic world environment of hatefulness where the United States and its allies have been the targets for destruction as even children are converted into human bombs in the pursue of their evil objective.

A man like Barack Obama with a professed conviction for military weakness would indeed be the ideal candidate for U.S. haters throughout the world – would it not? In my presumptuous conspiracy theory, I think of a man that a mere three years back, had no political history, barring an effort to…yes, you guess it, socialize his own State of Illinois, and able to shatter the political aspirations of a highly polished politician such as was Hillary Clinton. I think of a man that has set new records of campaign funding of untraceable money. I think of a Messianic rise from the tombs of the unknown to a highly coveted candidacy for the highest office in the nation and in the world. I think of a nation that discards and refuses to acknowledge the demons of communism written all over this man’s politics. I have even thought, might not the recent economic debacle, have been a well crafted and timely event planned by the conspiracy? One has to wonder. One really has to wonder if the Barack Obama phenomenon should not yet be attributed but to a greater power – a greater force escaping the minds of the populous, as otherwise, one can only assume the nation’s continued denial of Obama’s evilness as a practical impossibility.

Many will argue, the mere thought of a Communist United States, could never see the light in, of all nations, this nation. The arguments will range from the limited power of the Executive branch to the oversight and balance of power by the other government branches. I say to them, just look at Congress today. Take a hard and close look at Congress today and tell me what you think. Take Nancy Pelosi and tell me what you think. Think of Barack Obama as your next President with a communist Congress and tell me if you still think it cannot happen in the U.S.

Karl Marx once said: “of all societies in the world, communism would best be suited for a country with a developed economy, and that country is the U.S.” Bill Ayers and many others like him have taken these Marxist postulates and embraced them as ideals worth destroying this country and all it stands for. Doing so unrepentantly. Barack Obama comes to us as the “chosen one” in making this dream a reality. Class warfare has already begun in our nation. To the less fortunate, communism and redistribution of wealth stands tall as an expectation for change and a better life. Their support of the conspiracy is built on the naivety of their hopes. Sometimes on the resentment of their individual failures in a society and a system where Darwin’s infamous “survival of the fittest” philosophy, truly determines their share of the commonwealth. To the more educated, even the rich, the conspiracy comes in the form of “textbook socialism” – in the form of a perverse and misguided philanthropy of utopist provenance, characterized by “giving to others” provided it doesn’t infringe on their own wealth and life-styles. For that matter, I have yet to see the first member of this clan packing up and leaving the motherland seeking refuge in their coveted communist countries throughout the world.

These, my dear friends are the reasons for my silence. Yes, I have given up in spreading the word and the messages anymore than what I have in the past few months. The time has come when I am really hoping for Obama’s America to have a taste of their own medicine. Let them live under communism. I truly believe Barack Obama will win this election. My last hopes for the contrary went out the window as I watched my candidate John McCain in a public rally debating with an outspoken surrogate in the audience about Obama’s righteousness and being a good American citizen. McCain’s campaign of integrity and dignity are a reflection of the man himself – yet one which may very well in the end deliver this country to the communists in a silver platter. If it happens, I shall forever resent this man, regardless of his honorability.

In my heart of hearts, I truly believe Barack Obama will win this election. I truly believe Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. I see Barack Obama’s election as the final realization of a long-planned conspiracy, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Worst yet, I cannot disenfranchise this man from the prophets and their prophecies, from Nostradamus to Mathew’s biblical prediction of the end: "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14. As irrational and outlandish as it may sound, Obama’s Messianic aura serves only to reassert my unwillingness to disavow him as the a possible Anti-Christ and Armageddon, all in one. Ready, willing and able to fulfill the prophecies. As I hear the drums of war beating to the threats of nuclear destruction with a Barack Obama as President of the United States, I hasten to say, I see not a “new beginning” but the “beginning of the end.” May God save the United States of America: “…one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

Monday, September 29, 2008


My Dear Friends:

During the past few weeks, I, like millions of Americans, have been, hastily watching the unfolding of one of the worst financial debacles in the US’s financial and economic history. Some of the experts have called it: “the worst since the 1929 Great Depression”. I say potentially much worst. The collapse and downfall of mortgage giants Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and other industry moguls, are ghastly enough to have everyone in America fretful on what lies in the days ahead. The elite groups of failed giants rank among our nation’s leading financial service institutions - accountable for trillions of dollars of overstated assets. Assumingly, assets backing most of the nation’s mortgages, securities, derivates, savings accounts, retirement accounts, and virtually every other instrument said to guarantee the foundation of our nation’s economic system. The impact of their demise, could indeed pose a potential financial disaster of cataclysmic proportions for every American – now and in years to come.

As to what led us into this catastrophe, I personally do not think there are any easy answers. There were, as far as I am concerned, many variables that contributed to this downfall. If you twisted my arm, however, for a one word or sentence as a response, I would lay the blame mostly on “government deregulation”, greed, financial irresponsibility, and lack of accountability with both Republicans and Democrats, equally sharing a portion of the blame.

Assuming I am right on my presumptuous conclusion of the causes, I propose to you then, that the $700 billion dollar “bailout” now being introduced by the US Congress, should, in fact, be rendered unacceptable to taxpayers in America. By virtue alone of the fact that the economic future of every American is at stake here, each and every taxpayer, all 139 million of us should really give utmost consideration to this “bailout” proposal and the ensuing consequences as a result of the same. After all, in it, we may find either “a true new beginning or the true beginning of the end”. As far as I am concerned, you would have expected the 2001 Enron demise, to have been, at best the ending, and at worst a deterrent to financial disasters of this magnitude. Instead, seven short years and a few trillion dollars after the fact, we find ourselves another disaster, if yet of greater proportions. Truly worrisome.

The most troubling issue I have with the “bailout” proposal is the fact it is being proposed mostly by the same culprits of the debacle - the same fraternity of corrupted statesmen, political “greed-heads”, and failed financial wizards. By the same political clan, who have, for the past eight years been taking in money from Freddie and Fannie - two of the largest donors of campaign funding and “soft-money” contributions to the proponents and their political parties. On this issue and this issue alone, for starters, I contend the righteousness of the $700 billion dollar number. I have to, no doubt, assume certain correlation to the value of highly over-sated assets in the cooked balance sheets of the failed. As such, my trepidation grows. As well it should. Nonetheless, even if I we were to give the culprits a non-deserved benefit of the doubt vote of confidence on the $700 billion magic number, even then, I contend to question the merits and the foundations for a proposal, hastily prepared in a matter of hours only to accommodate the bells of Wall Street.

At the outset, I would argue the $700 billon dollars should never be given in such a manner where government purchases the over-inflated assets, considering the real value of the latter is now virtually unascertainable. The proposed bailout would vest government with the power and authority to conduct business on our behalf. If government has, admittedly, accepted their failed ability to administrate our affairs, imagine the evils that could come with yet their involvement in an area historically saved by capitalism for the private sector alone. Giving government such power, I say, could indeed be potentially catastrophic.

A bailout, such as the one now being proposed will, more likely than not, trickle down into the economic chain to expose ourselves to more of the same. As I stand here before you with a firm conviction for my opposing the tenants of the proposal now offered, I humbly tender an alternative solution –one which, notwithstanding the inherent lack of expertise on which it is conceived, it nevertheless intends to mitigate the arguments, so as to challenge the merits of the solution to the nation’s greatest crisis ever.

To begin with, in my reviewed bailout model, I would let capitalism and free-enterprise, do what capitalism and free enterprise do best, that is: make us money. As an alternative bailout, I would offer the $700 billion dollars in the form of a short-term loan, with a 5 to 10 years payback timeline at a 2% low interest. I would earmark funding for the private sector’s financial services of America, with a priority agenda aimed at the mortgage market and the foreclosed assets.

I would, at the same time, set the minimum reserve rate at 20%, to create the “multiplier effect”. Case you may not be familiar with this basic economic principle: “The multiplier effect depends on the set reserve requirement. So, to calculate the impact of the multiplier effect on the money supply, we start with the amount banks initially take in
through deposits and divide this by the reserve ratio. If, for example, the reserve requirement is 20%, for every $100 a customer deposits into a bank, $20 must be kept in reserve. However, the remaining $80 can be loaned out to other bank customers. This $80 is then deposited by these customers into another bank, which in turn must also keep 20%, or $16, in reserve but can lend out the remaining $64. This cycle continues - as more people deposit money and more banks continue lending it - until finally the $100 initially deposited creates a total of $500 ($100 / 0.2) in deposits. This creation of deposits is the “multiplier effect”.
On a $700 billion dollar loan, the multiplier effect would generate $3.5 trillion dollars of additional taxable deposits as well as interest revenues of approximately $72 billion dollars. The depleted assets now held by all the failed giants would enter into a “free-market” system sold to the highest bidders in the private sector, amongst investors not the government, thus providing for profit incentives both to the financial services community and banking industry of the private sector - a feasible and accessible objective by the newly-created funding sources.
Considering the root-core on the causes of the debacle, I would implement the $700 billion dollar bailout loan with the strictest contingencies, aimed exclusively at protecting taxpayers from the reoccurrence of a similar catastrophe. To begin with, I would subject the bailout to the revocation of Clinton’s Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and the reinstitution of Teddy Roosevelt’s New Deal Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. I would immediately charter two new government agencies specifically as oversight and regulatory instruments of the government. The agencies would keep lower tear employees of Freddie and Fannie, to preserve employment of the greater portion of loyal and dedicated employees that fell victim to their corrupted administrations. Considering the magnitude of the debacle, and potentially ensuing catastrophic consequences, I would have these two agencies operating under our Homeland Security Program, acting independently of the FED, the Secretary of the Treasury and otherwise conventional financial regulators.
Furthermore, the agencies would function with checks and balances power, much in the image of our Congress; looking over each other to: regulate, monitor and oversee all of the nation’s financial and banking service activities, with a priority focusing on reviewed criteria aimed at ensuring a healthy repayment of all debt-service incurred by the borrowing community of the nation. I would immediately introduce laws in Congress designed specifically to insulate and prohibit any government institutions and political participants associated to the financial services industry of the US, from either issuing and /or receiving and /or engaging in any lobbying expenditures, campaign and /or “soft-money” contributions, such that same may induce corruption to the system.
I would introduce laws that would disable, forever again, executive administrators being able to receive compensation packages incommensurate to the financial strength of their institutions, more so when the latter’s pose a risk to the nation’s economic stability. I would charge the newly created government regulatory agencies with the implementation of revised accounting criteria and accounting practices exclusively formulated to monitor an actuary value of all assets and the development of specific criteria and rules relative to unnecessary expenditures. I would also introduce laws that would limit governmental participation of private-interest groups such as A.C.O.R.N., and others similar, from political influence to the newly created regulatory agencies.
Finally, I would subject my bailout to a complete government re-organization in the finances and economic sectors of the administration. Such a reorganization would include the firing or termination of the Chairman of the SEC, Christopher Cox, the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M. Paulson and FED Chairman, Ben Bernake. Their laxity and inability to prevent this catastrophe, render them, as far as I am concerned, ineligible for the posts they now hold.
In summary, my dear friends, as far as I am concerned, at the root of all our evils, once again, is the pervasive hand of engineered socialism at its best. As I offer my bailout alternative, I can almost hear my liberal critics chastise me and chant to the Obama tunes, as to the impending neglect of my proposal to all the poor and the underprivileged. To them I say, for the past ten years both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, have been catering well prepared mortgage-backed packages crafted for marginal borrowers, with little or no regard for their ability to repay –all bannered under presumed social equality tenants. The end result, thus, was inevitable as both lenders and borrowers entered the orgy with a complete awareness of these results. It is about time we all understand that capitalism and socialism simply cannot coexist to where their preclusion is as obvious as the persisting crisis we now face of unprecedented proportions.
Your social tenants, my liberal friends, mind you, could and should still be accommodated somehow in any bailout within our capitalist economic system. The accommodation, however, should come in the form of yet less treacherous consequences. Housing issues for the poor and the underprivileged are more a matter of grants and charity than they should be as foundations for a sound economy as was the case in our present debacle. A.C.O.R.N. and the rest of your left-wing liberal organizations should concentrate their efforts on community service programs and leave our free-enterprise capitalist system alone once and for all.
In closing, I offer you my humble apology for what may indeed be construed to be an overly-simplistic and flawed economic bailout alternative. Grant you, I do not propose to be an economist or a financial expert. I offer my thoughts exclusively as a concerned taxpayer. The thoughts and issues proposed may, for all I know, lack the know-how and expertise more akin to my esteemed friends in the financing and banking communities. To them and to all of you, I say, I may very well be wide off the mark as to our common objective in resolving the rather vast financial problems facing our nation. You are invited to challenge the tenants of my proposal. If you do, however, I would expect you to offer your challenges in a manner such that you may proof me wrong and educate me on the issues.
Your challenges will only serve to enhance my appreciation for yet a better alternative, in which case we would only be a step closer to meeting our objective of resolving this crisis. To that effect, I bid my proposal today to be, on its own merits or lack thereof, merely offered as: “food for thought”. God bless us all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


During the past few days, I, like millions of Americans, have just been enjoying and delighted with the nomination of Sarah Palin, as the Vice-Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. To me, personally, her nomination just served to assert my own personal beliefs on what I have been preaching for the past 20 years, namely: “that women in America are, regretfully, the greatest untapped resource of the U.S,”– more so probably than even oil. Matter of fact, had we had a woman in the Presidency or Vice-Presidency of this country earlier in our history, we probably wouldn’t be in the oil dependency mode we find ourselves today – mind you, one of America’s greatest threats.

How I came to being an unswerving “feminist” supporter is really not important. Needless to say, for someone like me, who’s been promoting women equality all his life, the nomination of Sarah Palin, was, as far as I am concerned, one of the greatest breakthroughs in American history. Notwithstanding her predecessors, Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, comes with a refreshing aura of the complete package. While Gerry and Hillary were both able to transcend the gender barrier, neither one embodied the “persona” America was really looking forward to have as our first woman President or Vice-President.

Palin, a virtual unknown, rocketed into political stardom within hours of her nomination – a credit, I may add, to John McCain. Regardless, and in spite of McCain’s potentially ulterior motives for choosing her as his running mate, the fact remains that Palin’s record as a politician and as woman are worthy of inspiration to all American women -liberals and conservatives alike. Palin’s resume has it all. As we now know, within her political domain in the great state of Alaska, Palin has shaken the establishment, fought political corruption among her own party, faced up to the oil moguls, managed the budget, and…yes, all the while, a loving wife and mother of five. Come to think of it, for all we know, this rather “unknown” may very well indeed have changed the outcome of this election and by default the course of this nation and the world.

As would be expected from any politician running for office, the opposing party’s pundits did not waste any time searching for her “dirty laundry” list; hoping, somehow, they would undermine the new candidate’s overwhelming admiration and support. Fear stroke the liberal hearts of America, as most were still riding the crest of the wave left from the Democratic National Convention. No sooner had the Greek columns of Britney Spears’ choreographer been removed from the stage that had plummeted Barack Obama into his ever-favorite stardom role, no sooner had the wave vanished from underneath as Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech hit the airwaves throughout the nation.

As we all later found out, the “dirty laundry” list was all but preposterously weak; a pregnant teenage daughter; a husband arrested for a DUI; and a presumptive lack of experience relative to politics in America’s small towns. Regretfully for liberal democrats and their beloved media pundits, the attacks were quickly disregarded as personal and reckless, many of which, ironically, just served only to enhance the public’s view of the new candidate, and boosted the polls of the McCain / Palin ticket to show for it.

Throughout it all, I carefully made mental notes of some of Palin’s critics while one in particular, really caught my attention. To wit, none other than Jurassic Park’s Gloria Steinmen. It would have been quite reasonable to assume and expect that for America’s must renowned feminist political activist, the news of Sarah Palin’s nomination and resume would have, indeed, been the ultimate realization of a lifetime objective. Instead, following McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Steinem penned an op-ed in which she labeled Palin an "unqualified woman" who "opposes everything most other women want and need." Steinem described Palin’s nomination speech as "divisive and deceptive".

Liberal feminism as forever promoted by Steinmen, also known as "mainstream feminism," asserts the equality of men and women through political and legal reform. It is an individualistic form of feminism and theory, which focuses on women’s ability to show and maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. You would have thought Palin to be the ideal poster- character for Gloria’s movement, wouldn’t you? What then, did Steinmen really mean when she said that: Palin opposes everything most other women want and need?

What then, does “liberal feminism” really stands for? Liberal feminism as promoted by Steinmen was born in the 1960’s – a turbulent time in American history. Sparked by righteous ideals and masterfully disguised under the banner of equality of men and women, liberal feminism quickly gained the support of young women in America, who, at the time, were rebelling against the establishment as the “in” thing to do. The establishment then, as now, included America’s most conservative and traditional values such as marriage, children and family. Steinmen’s radical liberal feminism of the 1960’s, was subversively conceived and crafted for women to undermine every fabric of this society as a means of liberation from male supremacy. To that end, marriage, children and family were truly incompatible with Steinmen’s objectives and, as such, had to be disposed of.

In essence, Steinmen’s liberal feminist agenda, would in the end, merely serve as an exchange of gender dominance as opposed to the purported equality of the sexes set forth in her messianic role as savior of women in America. By virtue alone of God’s-given natural laws, the procreation of mankind would only be attainable through the association of man and woman, notwithstanding the name chosen for this association, thus Gloria’s model was destined for failure even before it started.

Steinmen’s liberal feminist model in the new millennium is simply a Jurassic concept, outdated and obsolete. I have to believe that Gloria and whatever is left of her now defunct movement, by today’s standards, thrives exclusively on hate towards men with some obscure Freudian dysfunctionality as the driving force behind it. Regretfully though, the “liberal” banner used by Steinmen for the last forty years has now tainted the true “feminists” of America, as represented in the persona of Sarah Palin. It is no wonder then, that Steinmen would be one of Palin’s worst critics.

Steinmen’s criticisms of Palin are truly the latter’s greatest accolade. At age 74, Steinmen’s time has passed. Liberal feminism, as conceived by Steinmen, belongs now in the history books, in the chapters following Woodstock and the protest for the war in Vietnam. Over the past forty years, Steinmen’s distorted feminism managed to disenfranchise a great constituency of true “feminist”, supported by husbands, sons and daughters and yes, by most men in America, conservatives and liberals alike.

As Steinmen’s failed ideals disappear into oblivion, America shall be forever grateful for whatever contributions she may have made to women in America along the way. The women who truly believed in the kind of feminism embodied in Sarah Palin. But, for God’s sake, give it up already Gloria. Can you understand, that, contrary to what you may wished for, Sarah Palin is indeed what women in America want and need? You claimed Sarah is "divisive and deceptive". I can’t help but think of the old cliché: “it takes one to know one”.

In summary, to all women in America, I say to you: congratulations. I truly believe your time has come. Sarah Palin may not come in the messianic role embodied by Gloria Steinmen over the past forty years. Instead, she comes as one of you or better yet, as one of us. Equality has finally come of age. Candidate Barack Obama, had his chance to do a similar deed for women in America, yet he passed on it. Too bad, isn’t it? Shame on him. McCain, didn’t pass on it. Who will you vote for? That’s your choice. Meantime, I say to Gloria, regardless of wins this election, for God’s sake please, go back to the Park and rest. America has had enough of you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My Fellow Americans:

During the past few months, throughout the primary campaign for the Presidency of the country, there have been issues raised that attempt against my character and my judgment. I have been repeatedly accused for my non-confrontational stance and for not tackling these issues head-on. The time has come, when I owe everyone in America an explanation of each and every issue raised.

I shall start with the Jeremiah Wright issue. It is imperative that you understand my association and involvement with my Pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright. Indeed, I have been listening to Pastor’s Wright’s vitriolic and vile diatribe for twenty years. I would like to explain why I have listened to him and why I have been an active participant of the Trinity United Church in Chicago.

First, let me remind you of my religious background. Both my father and my stepfather were born and raised Muslims. My Indonesian stepfather took me to Jakarta, and enrolled me in a Wahabi school. As you all know, Wahabism is the radical teaching that is followed by Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the U.S. and the western world. It is only reasonable to assume that my Wahabistic background, coupled with my tribal roots passed on by my father’s Lou Tribesmen lineal heritage, would induce me to search for a religious identity that would preserve my early teachings. That’s exactly what I found in Pastor Wright and the Trinity Unite Church. As you have seen in T.V., the Church acts as a tribe, and Pastor Wright’s black liberation theology wages divisiveness between Blacks against Whites and the U.S. government just like Wahabi. So, there you go. I trust this will put an end to this issue.
As far as my association with William Ayers, America please, I wish you would all give up on your cynical criticisms of my association with him. Bill and I go back a few years. Mind you, not as long as when he was an active member of the Weather Underground Organization and carried on with all those terrorist attacks on government buildings or when he and his lovely wife Bernadine Dohrn announced their intentions to overthrow the United States government and the capitalistic system. In spite of the fact, that I met Bill years after these events, I have always thought of Bill as a man of convictions – a man that stands for what he believes in. The fact that, to this day, Bill stands the crimes he committed back in the 60’s is a tribute to his character and I refuse to disown him.

On the issue of my political mentor Frank Marshall Davis, as I wrote in my book Dreams of My Father, “he was full of hard-earned knowledge.” Frank, meant a lot to me in my formative years. The fact that he joined the American Communist Party during WWII was incidental to my formation. It was not until 1979 when he advised me to move to Chicago to attend Occidental college and only then that was I was able follow in Frank’s footsteps by becoming involved with far-left political groups – a position that I have maintained throughout my political career. To Frank and his communist ideals, I owe what I am today. My far left position in my brief Senate history, is a testament to my convictions and to Frank’s influence in my political life.

As far as the continued disparagements of my empty speeches, America you must understand that I have been trained to speak eloquently and preach on what people want to hear. You see, you must be politically expedient if you are running for any political office, especially that of President of our nation. I just know mainstream America will vote on my charismatic appeal, and many will not be able to be able to discern on what I am really all about. As a matter of fact, I am definitely counting on the vote of those that can’t tell the difference. To prove my point, so far, in spite of the fact that I consider small towns in America are still clinging to guns and religious values, I was able to get away with it, proven by the fact that I beat Hillary in the primaries and I am running ahead of Mc Cain in the polls. You know the adage: “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. So far, I have been able to get away with pontificating trivialities and convert pap into utterly significant issues on my platform, and…it works. So why not? I just know real meaningful issues tend to confuse voters all around. So…please let me continue with my condescending speeches.

On the issue of my association with convicted felon Tony Resko for political corruption and illegal fund raisers, understand America that my real estate dealings with Tony were all but illegal. I consider Tony a great person, a personal friend, and a great supporter of my Civil Rights activism in Chicago. I knew about Tony’s dubious fund raising campaigns but never participated with him in them. My association with Tony only goes as far as his supporting my Illinois Senate campaign and that’s about it.

On my stand as to important social issues such socialized health-care and increased taxation to upper-class and Corporate America, you have to understand that my association with Marxists professors during my college years, had a great impact in my political outlook of capitalism in America. You must acknowledge the fact that the only means of balancing our economy is through a re-distribution of wealth amongst the classes. If you are white and rich, you must do your part. You must subsidize the less privileged and impoverished. That’s just the way it is with communism: a system that has been long overdue in the U.S.

As to my anti-Semitic association with campaign endorsers such as Louis Farrakhan and the Black Panthers, you must be understanding of the fact that Israel is to our Islamic world, what the U.S., is to the Islamic Muslim extremists. We have to be more attuned to our continued aggression to the Arab nations and to what they stand for. Our ‘Ugly American’ image must be dealt with once and for all. It is about time we deal with our true enemies: the Jews. Why, America, do you think I have proposed to meet with all our purported enemies unconditionally? I praise Jimmy Carter for his recent meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. Remember it is very important that we refrain from our historical world supremacy as a means to defending our nation and our values. We must sit down and talk with Iran’s Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, Cuba’s Fidel and Raul Castro, Venezuela’s Chavez, maybe even Osama Bin Laden. Wars and terrorism in the world must come to an end. We must retrieve our troops from Iraq, and just let the Taliban come back to show our good faith with that nation and the rest of the terrorist in the world. It is imperative that we advertise to the world that we are not as powerful as we have claimed to be over the years. That we are not a threat to them anymore. We should, as a matter of fact, open our borders and do away with our Homeland Security. After all, who can stand all those long lines at our nation’s airports?
And yes... as to my white lies during the campaign you must be forgiving. And, by the way, when I refer to as "white" lies, please, no relation to race. I did lie about my being conceived during Selma, Alabama walks during the Martin Luther King days. I did lie about my father's coming to the U.S., in a cultural exchange programs promoted by the Kennedys, but please America, you must be reasonable. There are many times when you need to be politically expedient. Remember, the end justifies the means. A little lying here and there will almost always go un-noticed and, after all, I am running for President.

Finally, my fellow Americans, I appeal to your benevolence due to the mitigating circumstances that surround my persona, who I am and what I stand for. Imagine you had been born of a white Kansas woman and black Islamic Kenyan father and you were conceived in an extra-marital relationship. Imagine that your father abandoned you when you were two years old. Imagine your mother went on to marry another Indonesian black Islamic stepfather who abandons your mother again. Imagine being raised by your white grandparents who are not particularly fond of blacks. Imagine growing up with Wahabi teachings and being part of an African tribe. Imagine having mentors as Pastor Wright and Frank Davis and be running for President under a Bush administration. I would think you would agree with me in that I am a confused and traumatized person. I just know if Sigmund Freud were alive today, he would embrace my case and would endorse me as the poster child for an Identity Crisis fundraiser. I just know it.

Notice I have purposely left out of all this my lovely wife Michelle. What can I say about Michelle. She has been an inspiration to my life and to my political career. From the moment I met her, I just knew Michelle was the one. Her college thesis: ‘Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community” and her obvious resentment towards whites, just helped to enhance an awareness of our compatibility. Her devout companionship every Sunday, as we listened to Pastor Wright, our mentor, was reason enough to renew our vows in marriage. Michelle is the most uninhibited and sincere person I have ever met. The fact that she came out and let America know that she was not proud of her country, is only a testament to her convictions and her values. I can’t say enough about Michelle.

So…there you have it America, I really hope that you now have a better understanding of Barack Hussein Obama, your candidate for President of the United States of America. I hope you find it in your heart of hearts to support my candidacy and to put an end to the personal slandering and smears that I have suffered in the past few months. My clarification of each and every one of the issues should in and of itself be thought of as bastions of my character and my judgment. I realize that for many of you, the issues I have brought forth are irrelevant and that you will vote for me no matter what. I know that my charisma and eloquence will be enough to earn your vote in November. To my conservative republican enemies, I stand on the merits of my clarification of the issues to sway your votes. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Barack Hussin Obama

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My fellow-Americans:

On September 11, 2001, the terrorist world declared war on our nation. Albeit a vitrolic new type of warfare unable to discern between civilians and the military. As Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens to develop new nuclear weapons capable of destroying our country and as other militant Islamic Muslims continue to build-up their weapons of mass destruction in their campaign to destroy us, it would be reasonable to assume that our goverment would be akin to the evident threats facing our nation. It would also be reasonable to assume that our goverment be ready, willing and able to make a statement of military supremacy as a deterrant to these threats.

Ironicall, candidate Barack Obama, in what could be construed as the ultimate model of demagoguery, ensuing from a political platform that focuses on the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and professed proposals for peace-talks with our worst enemies, is now proposing to disarm our country, as though to assert the enemy that a lack of military prowess would be a good enough reason for them to refrain from their sinister objectives. Please, go to the hyperlink below to judge for yourselves what this dubious Presidential candidate proposes for defending ur country.


Born: August 4, 1961

Race: Mixed - Black and White.


1967 – 1971: Jakarta, Indonesia. Elementary school. Honolulu, Hawaii.

1971 - 1979 : Hawaii. Panahou Academy. Graduates High-School. Relates that at this school he struggles to reconcile his multiracial heritage, admits to using alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

1979 – 1983: Columbia University, New York. Major: Political Science. Develops close associations with Marxists professors at this institution.

1988 – 1991: Harvard Law School. Graduate. Magna Cum Laude.

Marital Status: Married Michelle Obama 1992 who claimed to be proud of America, only as of her husband’s candidacy for the Presidency. For her thesis, in college chooses the theme of “Anti-Black Racism”.

Work Experience:

2006 – 2008: Campaigns in primaries as Democratic candidate vs. Senator Hillary Clinton.

2004 – 2006: November 2004, elected to U.S. Senate from State of Illinois. Delivered keynote speech at Democratic National Convention in support of Presidential Democratic candidate John Kerry. Earns the title of the most liberal, left-wing Senator in the U.S. Senate.
Religious Affiliations:

1985 - 2008 Barack Obama joins Trinity United Church in the South side of Chicago. An active member of this Church for 20 years, led by pastor Jeremiah Wright – a professed anti- American, anti-White, black liberation theology extremist. Obama embraces pastor Wright as his religious mentor, refusing to disown him, until becoming politically expedient in his primary race.

In 2006, Obama campaigns in Kenya for cousin Raila Odinga – a radical Islamist, running in a Socialist/ Communist ticket. Mr. Odinga was a member of the “Lou” tribe, where Obama was also a former member in earlier years. The Lou tribe brethrens went on a murdering rampage of non-Islamic Churches after Odinga’s defeat. At a public rally in Nairobi, Obama praises cousin Odinga for his extreme Islamic platform, committed to banning gospel crusades by worshippers of the cross.

Political Affiliations:

1970 – 1990 Barack Obama befriends Frank Marshall Davis, a black writer, member of the Communist Party in America. Obama refers to Davis as his political mentor.

In 1979, Obama becomes involved with far-left associations such as the ‘Democratic Socialists of America or DSA and ‘Students for a Democratic Society” or SDS. The DSA was known to be the largest Socialist organization in the U.S. - an affiliate of ‘Socialist International’.

Barack Obama solicits endorsement of the ‘New Party’ for his first Illinois, State Senate race. The ‘New Party’ was a Marxist coalition with a platform of enunciates aimed at electing left wing candidates to public office.

Barack Obama befriends William C. Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn, members of the ‘Weather Underground Organization’ – an organization committed to the overthrow of the United States government. In 1974 the WUO, calls for a unified Communist Party in America.

1990 -2008 Barack Obama has dubious dealings with Tony Resko, convicted in Chicago for illegal campaign fund-raising contributions and extortion schemes to influence politicians.

In the primary campaign as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Barack Obama gains the endorsements of the most extremist black leaders and their supporters such as: Louis Farrakahn, the Black Panthers, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. All of them united by a common hate-filled platform that demands an end to capitalism, re-distribution of wealth among the classes via taxation of the upper classes and a government subsidized economy that provides free health-care, free- housing and the creation of a Black Independent Nation within the nation.

Frank Chapman, a member of the U.S.’s Communist Party writes of Obama’s victory in the primaries: “Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move – it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle.”

In one of Obama’s campaign quarters we find a Cuban flag superimposed with a portrait of Che Gevara. Obama refuses to wear American flag pin on his lapel and to pledge allegiance to the flag or put his hand over his heart during the pledge. He proposes to have unconditional meetings with all extremist leaders that oppose the United States. He is endorsed and revered as a hero by the leaders of ‘Take Back America’ – a diabolical organization that thrives in undermining traditional and conservative values of our nation.

So…there you have it folks. Can’t say we didn’t tell you. The most extremist, radical and terrorist organizations within the Arab nations; the perpetrators of 9-11 have promised to destroy the U.S. They have proclaimed that the only way to accomplish their sinister objective will be do it from within the U.S. Karl Marx in ‘The Communist Manifesto’, written in 1848, says: “the move to socialism can happen and will happen only after capitalism has run its full course…, thus the United States, in particular, would be the ideal society for the start of Communism.”

Barack Obama is an intelligent, eloquent speaker. He is articulate and charismatic. He has a keen sense of demagoguery and for what mainstream America wants to hear. So did Fidel Castro in Cuba back in 1959. Obama is currently leading McCain in the polls. He is getting closer and closer to the White House and the Presidency of the most powerful nation in the world. If, after you have read this resume, still decide to pull the lever for this man, guess what? We’ll be glad you did. There comes a time, when we should all just stop trying to show liberal-mainstream America that the handwriting is on the wall. If it happens, so be it. At that time, we should all join in with Obama’s political mentor Frank Chapman and his Communist Party in praising our country’s new President Barack Obama and his lovely First Lady, wife Michelle. If it happens… God Bless the America that was ! And, GOD SAVE AMERICA of the future!