Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Just in case you have not been able to keep up with some of the latest news on our beloved candidate for the Presidency, Barack Obama, and are wondering who is this sorry looking man in the mug shot to the left, and how is it related to candidate Obama. Well, first let me tell you a little about the repulsive human being in the picture and then I will tell you about him and Obama. The name of this monster is William [Bill] Ayers. Mr. Ayers first made headline news back in the 70’s, for his participation in a bombing of the New York Police Department. As member of the Weather Underground Group, a violent radical leftist organization, Mr. Ayers, admitted to participating also in the bombing of the Capitol Building in 1971, the Pentagon in 1972 and a building housing the State Department in 1975. After an intensive manhunt by the FBI, Mr. Ayers turns himself in and is later acquitted as charges are dropped for prosecutorial misconduct.

As a free man Mr. Ayers, writes his memoirs in a book entitled “Fugitive Days”. He chooses September 11, 2001 as the preferred date for publishing his book. In this same year [2001], in a New York Times interview aimed at promoting his book, Mr. Ayers talks about his involvement in the bombings and says: “I don’t regret setting the bombs, I feel we did not do enough”. O.K., so… how is this relative to Senator Barack Obama?

Well, lets start by saying that our dear Senator has had a “friendly” relationship with Mr. Ayers, that dates back to beginnings of Obama’s political carrier. In an article from ABC’s, New York Sun, reporter Jonah Goldberg writes of Ayers’s political relationship with Obama and says “a rite of passage when launching Obama’s career”, as the later allegedly had accepted Ayers’ campaign contributions in his race for the US Senate. When asked about Obama’s dubious relationship with Mr. Ayers, one of Obama’s spokesman says: “yes…they are friendly”. But wait… that’s not all. Does the story end here? Oh no, It gets better, a lot better – ask about the whereabouts of Mr. Ayers, today, 2008.

Today, we find Mr. Ayer sitting at Board of Directors of an extreme leftist foundation called “Wood Funds”, and guess who sat in the same board from 1999 to 2001? That’s right. You guessed it: Barack Obama. Wouldn’t you know? As a co-board member, Ayers and Obama, jointly approved of a donation to guess who? There you go. Right again – Jeremiah Wright and the United Trinity Church. Hello. Can the pattern be any clearer here, or am I missing something? The most extreme left-wing Senator in Washington, attends an Anti-American congregation and calls this militant church’s leader his spiritual mentor as the mentor preaches Anti-White sermons, and renounces to disown him, marries a woman who’s law school’s thesis is aimed at proving that “racism” is alive and well in one of the most prestigious schools of our nation, and claims not being able to be proud of America until his husband’s enters the race for President. Denies, his white heritage and fabricates stories enhancing his black blood, through continued fairy tales about how he and his black part of the family have been “one of them [blacks]”. In doing so he manages to demean a white grandmother that raised him and tells stories that never happened – father meeting during the Selma, Alabama riots, even though these took place five years after his birth; about the Kennedy’s air-lift choosing his father to come to America, on an air-lift that never happened. On and on and on. Repulsive, I should say.

With his now obvious selective memory, Senator Obama, meantime, chooses to discriminately remain quiet about his endorsement in 2006 of Socialist Kenyan cousin Raila Odinga in his run for the Presidency of that country. From the Jeremiah Wright incident to the so called “friendliness”, with Ayers - an admitted terrorist, the left-wing media of the country along with all other liberals who want this man to be our President, I keep hearing that all these issues should not be issues using the “guilt by association” defense. I dare say to all them, that our case is not based on guilty by association. Our case, my friends, is “guilt by participation”. That’s it. That simple. Enough is enough. You know how it goes: when you walk like a duck, quack like a duck…etc., Yes…you are duck.
I guess just about the only thing left to prove our point is to let him become President. Let all you left-wing liberals, socialist, anti-Americans, anti-Whites, have a taste of your medicine. Let your wonder boy, give away your country, raise taxes, subsidize the inept, give Iraq back to Al Qaeda, let Islamic extremist and terrorists all over the world, look upon the US as a weakened and vulnerable nation, where attacks as 9/11 are easy targets, as the lives lost then were relatively insignificant compared to that of our soldiers abroad and the need to bring them back. Go ahead Obamians, you can now have a Black Muslim extremist and an apologetic racist wife, right in the White House. God forbid, if that happens, I don’t know about you, but I would seriously consider calling my travel agent and booking myself in the next flight to any radical Muslim extremist Middle East country, get myself a turban, grow a beard, buy me a Koran and re-program myself in such a way that I can perhaps learn to understand what drives you to even consider this monster to be our President. After all, you know what say: “if you can beat them…join them.

I suggest and urge you that you click and go to the hyperlink below and see for yourself what I am talking about. And… if you agree with what I’ve written here, pass it on to your friends.

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