Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who Is Barack Obama?

A few months back, at the beginnings of the 2008 Presidential primaries, Barack Obama’s image was one of a young, up-beat Senator, a master of eloquence in speech delivery, articulate, energetic and charismatic. Neither his color, religion, nor even his extreme left-wing ideals seemed to matter much to mainstream America, including whites, as revealed by most of our nation’s polls. Within the last two weeks, Fox News broke the story of Obama’s dubious association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Mr. Wrights, hate-filled militant sermons against the United States of America preached at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ – Obama’s preferred congregation for the past twenty years, came as a rude awakening to most Americans. If nothing else, the Wright story provoked curiosity amongst voters as to who is this Barak Obama. Who is this man? Who is the man behind the inspiring, romantic and rhetorical speeches that say much of nothing but slogans? Who is Barak Obama?

In trying to answer these questions, we thought it would be best to just try and compile a list of highly relevant issues which would assist us in profiling this man and letting each and every American voter decide for themselves.


1.- The most liberal Senator in the U.S. Congress.

2.- While in college developed closed association with Marxist professors.

3.- Spiritual mentor, Reverend Wright, known for his Anti-American and Anti-Whites (rich) ideologies.

4.- Married to a woman that claims not to have ever been proud of America, prior to her husband’s candidacy for President of the U.S.

5.- In 2006, campaigns in Kenya for cousin Raila Odinga – a radical Islamist, who ran in a Socialist ticket and lost to sitting Kenyan President Mwai Kibabi. After being defeated, Mr. Odinga’s Lou tribe followers went on a murdering rampage, where dozens of people were burned
to death while attending non-Islamic Churches not supported by Mr. Odinga.

6.- In 2006, at a public rally in Nairobi, Obama praised and supported cousin Odinga in his extreme Islamic Platform, committed to “banning gospel Crusades by worshippers of the cross…” Obama’s bias for his fellow Lou tribesman and cousin Odinga was blatant, provoking a
Kenyan government spokesman to denounce Obama as Odinga’s “stooge”.

7.- In his speech defending his association with Reverend Wright, Mr. Obama justifies Mr. Wright’s bigotries by accusing his white grandmother -the woman that raised him, of prejudice against blacks, while claiming he could not disown Reverend Wright.

8.- Last week Mr. Obama gains endorsement of the ‘Black Panthers’ – one of the most radical and separatists organizations in the U.S. Obama rejects endorsement as being politically incorrect.

9.- Mr. Obama’s supporting clan includes extreme liberal media such as NBC, MSNBC and most other left-wing newspapers of the nation.

10.- Mr. Obama has been allegedly involved in private businesses dealings with Mr. Antoin (Tony) Resko – indicted for 24 counts of illegally using kickback and extortion schemes to influence politicians.

11.- Early in his primary campaign, Mr. Obama says that, if elected President, he will meet unconditionally with anti- U.S. political leaders such as Fidel Castro.

12.- Publicly supported by Black extremist leaders such as Reverends Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

13.- Looked upon as a hero by the leaders of “Take Back America” – one of the despicable and controversial anti-conservative organizations of our nation – designed specifically to undermine the founding values on which our nation was built.

14.- Obama's assitant for Latin Amrican Affairs is lawyer Greg Graig. Mr. Graig is a well known friend of Cuba's dictator Fidel Castro. Mr. Graig served as a liason for the Castro regime in returning Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba.

For those who continue to think that we oppose Mr. Obama on a race-related issue alone, sorry to disappoint you. You are wrong. A black, African-American President would be just fine, but not Barack Obama – not with these credentials. We are sure there are plenty Black American citizens in our country, such as Mr. Bill Cosby, Condelezza Rice, Colin Powell, Juan Williams and many others alike who have transcended the “white-supremacy” syndrome, and would do just fine. Mr. Obama almost got away with deceiving the country. For a while most of us looked upon Mr. Obama as the “Cinderella” of politics. As it turned out, Mr. Obama would be better characterized as the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”.

It is quite obvious that Mr. Obama’s unique upbringing, born of mixed-race parents, seemingly abandoned and/or rejected by both biological parents, raised in different countries, with highly diversified religious, socio- economic and otherwise political backgrounds contributed to Mr. Obama’s obvious ‘Identity Crisis’ – a credit to him inasmuch as he was able to overcome and reach as high as contending for the office of President of the most powerful nation in the world. Nonetheless, Mr. Obama’s confused identity, if yet justifiable as beyond his realm of choice, has unquestionably led him to his dubious political views as projected in this profile – a matter of concern for all Americans. We strongly urge you to carefully read the issues on our profile and decide for yourself who candidate Obama is and what he really stands for. This nation cannot afford to make a mistake in a noble effort to breach racial barriers, by bringing to power the wrong Black-American candidate.

We close with a quote from Mr. Rich Lowry in his recent article of “The Salt Lake Tribune”, where he says: “… whatever Obama is advocating at a given moment, his solution is always himself in his glorious personhood, the salve to the country's ills.”



Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with your comments.Who is this "SelfProfessed Saviour " of our country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Obie:

This is a fantastic article. We couldn't agree more with your comments. Keep up your good work!
I wish all Americans would read this. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

To quote Obama himself... I am a "typical" whita male, as you are a "typical" black male... Enough said!

Miami, Fl

Anonymous said...

And to continue our never ending fight for our VALUES, I am including this link to fuel to our ever growing fire.

Miami, Fl