Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My Dear Friends:

As you may have noticed, I have stayed completely away from my political write-ups and dissertations about Barack Obama and his presidential campaign, for which I am certain many of you are grateful. Throughout my silence, I continued receiving hundreds of e-mails from my die-hard conservative friends. I couldn’t help but to realize that most all of them, if not all, had just about one thing in common: each and every e-mail seemed to repeat itself with an emotional message of awareness in the potential dangers that lie ahead, should this man Barack Obama become the next President of the United States – a highly probable event if judged by the latest polls.

In the e-mails, I have read just about everything about this man and his character - from his overt Marxist agenda to his dubious associations and lies, and everything in between, I have read it all, and so have you probably. I became a part of it all, as I, like the rest of you, could not resist the urge to share with the rest of world the ”warning messages” on the impending threats that this man poses to the United States and to the world.
Our e-mails were, regretfully, circumscribed to just but a few in our mailing lists but the urge was such, that spreading the word amongst even that few was equally accommodating for the exorcism. Our intent, regardless of the size of our audience, was noble and a sacred obligation for those of us who still behold democracy and capitalism as the only way of life. I praise those of you that have still not given up. I did, thus the silence. Before you pass judgment, however, or burn me at the stake for my withdrawal witchcraft, just listen me out, as I have to assume that, in the end, I may just persuade you to sanctify me, once you hear what I have to say.

As my first act of constriction, I ask you: Would it not be reasonable to assume that after one year of intense educational propaganda the nation and the American people would be completely and totally aware of who is Barack Obama? Over and over again, some more, some less, the entire nation has, by now, been exposed to the man, to his obscure relationships with the Jeremiah Wrights, the Bill Ayers, the Reskos, A.C.O.R.N.; to his wife’s professed unwillingness in feeling proud of America; to his willingness for unconditional meetings with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Castro brothers; to his Muslim upbringing and his admitted Marxist preferences in his college years; to his unwillingness to fund and support our troops in Iraq; to whom he really is and what he really stands for. Yet, let’s face it. The man is still ahead in the polls, and were the elections held today, he’d be almost assured to be elected the next President of the United States. Ask yourself the question: Why? Why do a majority of the American people seemingly want to overlook and neglect the threats?

My dear friends lets not kid each other anymore. Let’s deal with reality as sad as this may be. Americans know exactly who Barack Obama is and a majority of Americans want Barack Obama to be their next President. As simple as that. To most of us, conservative pundits, our commitment to principle would have us searching for answers that would make some sense of what seems incomprehensible.

In our search for answers, some of us will choose to never trust the polls, some may fall prey to the whimsical woes of the Bush administration and the recent economic debacle, some to our foreign oil dependency and raising gas prices, and some to race. Beyond whatever personal satisfaction and justification we may find for a seemingly irrational desire to elect this man as President, therein lies a greater truth – a truth much greater than the issues; a truth much greater than a man and his associations; a truth much greater than all our e-mails and messages; a disguised truth that disposes our messages our e-mails and the political issues as inconsequential aberrations; a truth where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The real truth, dear friends is that the United States of America is about to become a Communist nation. Yes, you heard me right: a communist nation.

The real truth, dear friends, is that a great majority of Americans want communism, even though, their wishes may border the sublime. Case it has not yet become self-evident, Americans are on the verge of electing the first communist to the Presidency of this country. Thought it would never happen, not in the U.S. didn’t you? So did I and so did many millions who never thought to live and see the day when a man like Barack Obama would run for the highest office in the world, let alone win the election. Yet, the fact remains, however, that it is happening and it is real.

Case you doubt me, just take a look around you, Obama is not alone. Don’t let yourself be fooled with such a romantic thought of poetic individualism. The United States is plagued with communists. Hear me well, I said communists, not liberals, communists. It is everywhere we turn. It is in the media. It is Hollywood. It is in the nation’s most prestigious schools of higher education. It is in the youth of the nation. It is in a presumed Civil Right movement for equality of the races. It is in the government and in the courts of the country. It is in the failed and the envious. It is well organized, powerful and long-time in the makings. With each new day, communism rears its ugly head just about everywhere we look around.

For years now, they, the communists have managed to masquerade and camouflage a covert agenda with a disguising lexicon that took a life of its own – a lexicon where the words “liberal”, and “to the left” have been swiftly introduced to the American public as their preferred spinning substitutes for communism. I say to them, enough is enough. I am utterly repulsed with the pontification of these terms and their cover-up. I am sick and tired on the way “Marxism” is stealthily introduced into the glossary of deceitfulness. I refuse to give into the spin and the disguise anymore. I refuse to continue standing by and not calling a spade a spade. I refuse to continue letting white guilt-ridden Americans, continue paying the current price for a history of racism - a price that today allows Black born Americans to disenfranchise themselves from their homeland and brand themselves as part of another nation. The “African-American” label is fully burdened with hate and a quiet reluctance of heritage. Simply put, a subversive hate of Whites in the U.S., as professed by Obama’s own mentor Jeremiah Wright. All the while, as we the country and White America praise the latter’s favorite son: Barack Obama.

Communism, we all know it, thrives on racism and class warfare. Ironically, it took a commoner in the person of “Joe the Plumber”, for Barack Obama to publicly admit to his “redistribution of wealth” platform agenda. Again, the latest edition to the deception glossary. It is, without a doubt, communism at its best. As I listen to Obama’s rhetorical campaign speeches, I can help but think on how this twenty first century communist has been able to accommodate the times, while he swiftly substitutes, Karl Marx’s proletariat and bourgeoisie for “Middle Class Blue Collar America” and “The Oil Companies”.

Let’s face it friends, the United States of America, is without a doubt, on the verge of becoming a communist nation. At the expense of being demonized by my opponents as a delusional extremist, I’ve even thought of the possibility of a great conspiracy behind the man Barack Obama. My fear, as far out radical as it may appear, it’s not, mind you, without merits, worthy, at worst, of plausible consideration. Think of our world today. Think of the world’s overt hatred for the United States, capitalism and all it stands for. Think of 9-11. Think of radical Muslims and terrorism. We live in a chaotic world environment of hatefulness where the United States and its allies have been the targets for destruction as even children are converted into human bombs in the pursue of their evil objective.

A man like Barack Obama with a professed conviction for military weakness would indeed be the ideal candidate for U.S. haters throughout the world – would it not? In my presumptuous conspiracy theory, I think of a man that a mere three years back, had no political history, barring an effort to…yes, you guess it, socialize his own State of Illinois, and able to shatter the political aspirations of a highly polished politician such as was Hillary Clinton. I think of a man that has set new records of campaign funding of untraceable money. I think of a Messianic rise from the tombs of the unknown to a highly coveted candidacy for the highest office in the nation and in the world. I think of a nation that discards and refuses to acknowledge the demons of communism written all over this man’s politics. I have even thought, might not the recent economic debacle, have been a well crafted and timely event planned by the conspiracy? One has to wonder. One really has to wonder if the Barack Obama phenomenon should not yet be attributed but to a greater power – a greater force escaping the minds of the populous, as otherwise, one can only assume the nation’s continued denial of Obama’s evilness as a practical impossibility.

Many will argue, the mere thought of a Communist United States, could never see the light in, of all nations, this nation. The arguments will range from the limited power of the Executive branch to the oversight and balance of power by the other government branches. I say to them, just look at Congress today. Take a hard and close look at Congress today and tell me what you think. Take Nancy Pelosi and tell me what you think. Think of Barack Obama as your next President with a communist Congress and tell me if you still think it cannot happen in the U.S.

Karl Marx once said: “of all societies in the world, communism would best be suited for a country with a developed economy, and that country is the U.S.” Bill Ayers and many others like him have taken these Marxist postulates and embraced them as ideals worth destroying this country and all it stands for. Doing so unrepentantly. Barack Obama comes to us as the “chosen one” in making this dream a reality. Class warfare has already begun in our nation. To the less fortunate, communism and redistribution of wealth stands tall as an expectation for change and a better life. Their support of the conspiracy is built on the naivety of their hopes. Sometimes on the resentment of their individual failures in a society and a system where Darwin’s infamous “survival of the fittest” philosophy, truly determines their share of the commonwealth. To the more educated, even the rich, the conspiracy comes in the form of “textbook socialism” – in the form of a perverse and misguided philanthropy of utopist provenance, characterized by “giving to others” provided it doesn’t infringe on their own wealth and life-styles. For that matter, I have yet to see the first member of this clan packing up and leaving the motherland seeking refuge in their coveted communist countries throughout the world.

These, my dear friends are the reasons for my silence. Yes, I have given up in spreading the word and the messages anymore than what I have in the past few months. The time has come when I am really hoping for Obama’s America to have a taste of their own medicine. Let them live under communism. I truly believe Barack Obama will win this election. My last hopes for the contrary went out the window as I watched my candidate John McCain in a public rally debating with an outspoken surrogate in the audience about Obama’s righteousness and being a good American citizen. McCain’s campaign of integrity and dignity are a reflection of the man himself – yet one which may very well in the end deliver this country to the communists in a silver platter. If it happens, I shall forever resent this man, regardless of his honorability.

In my heart of hearts, I truly believe Barack Obama will win this election. I truly believe Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States of America. I see Barack Obama’s election as the final realization of a long-planned conspiracy, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Worst yet, I cannot disenfranchise this man from the prophets and their prophecies, from Nostradamus to Mathew’s biblical prediction of the end: "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14. As irrational and outlandish as it may sound, Obama’s Messianic aura serves only to reassert my unwillingness to disavow him as the a possible Anti-Christ and Armageddon, all in one. Ready, willing and able to fulfill the prophecies. As I hear the drums of war beating to the threats of nuclear destruction with a Barack Obama as President of the United States, I hasten to say, I see not a “new beginning” but the “beginning of the end.” May God save the United States of America: “…one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

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